Introduction in english

MTÜ Eesti Kasuperede Liit (Association of Estonian Foster Families) is founded on the 18.10.2003.

The organization has been launched for supporting and promoting fostering, also for helping children left without parental care to find opportunities to grow up in a family.

What is a foster family? The definition is: it is a family that is fostering children, that are not biologically their own, based upon whatever contract.

What we do:

  • If you contact us, we’ll find, in cooperation with local municipality, a suitable foster family for a child;
  • We support and counsel new foster families;
  • Provide support persons for foster  families;
  • Organize events for foster families, the most important being (when sufficient funding is available) the Summer School for Foster Families, where participants come from all over Estonia. Usually there have been about 150 participants, 1/3 being grownups and 2/3 children.
  • We also participate in different fairs, where we present and promote our organization.

People with a will to do good, are welcome to help financing our Summer School event.

You can donate to our bank account in Swedbank – EE472200221043175166